1. How big is your synagogue?
    The building can accommodate about 130 worshipers. Our membership ranges from 130-150.
  2. Who runs the services?
    Services are led by the Cantor and lay members of the congregation.

  3. How do women participate?
    Women participate fully in every aspect of the synagogue’s ritual, social, and corporate life.

  4. Which denomination is the shul?
    The synagogue always has been unaffiliated but uses the traditional Conservative prayer book.

  5. Does the synagogue have parking?
    No, but the Kew Beach elementary school located one block to the west has a parking lot that is open to the public on weekends. Both metered and unmetered parking are available on local streets.

  6. How is the synagogue reached by transit?
    Streetcar access is by the 501 Queen car. Bus access is by routes on Woodbine Avenue to the west and Main Street to the east.

  7. Are children welcome?
    Children are always welcome though parents may not wish to bring young children to Yizkor (memorial) services.

  8. What is the attitude toward mixed couples, converts, etc.?
    We welcome all who wish to practice or learn about Judaism.

  9. Do you sell High Holy Day tickets?
    No. High Holy Day participation in our Sanctuary is exclusively for members, and we invite memberships for this purpose. Congregants should arrange for appropriate membership levels, but availability is limited.

  10. Do you have to be a member to enroll a child in Sunday School?